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What is repatriation?

Repatriation means bringing someone or something back to their own country. In our business, this involves helping to return a person’s remains to their home country. We handle everything needed for this, like transport, paperwork, and making sure all laws are followed. We make sure everything is done respectfully and smoothly.

Why would I need repatriation services?

You’d need repatriation services to bring back the remains of a loved one to their home country if they passed away abroad. This is a complex task that involves different countries’ rules, paperwork, and transport. Our service handles all these details for you. It’s important for making sure everything is done legally and with respect, offering peace of mind during a tough time.

How long does the repatriation process usually take?

The time it takes to repatriate remains can vary. It usually takes a few days to a couple of weeks. This depends on factors like the distance, paperwork required by different countries, and transport arrangements. We work efficiently to complete the process as quickly and smoothly as possible, while ensuring all legal and respectful protocols are followed.

Are there any legal requirements for repatriation?

Yes, there are legal requirements for repatriation. These can include obtaining a death certificate, clearance from local authorities, and specific documentation for international transport of remains. Each country has its own rules, which can vary greatly. Our service ensures that all these legal requirements are met, taking care of the necessary paperwork and liaising with the relevant authorities to comply with all regulations.

What costs are involved in repatriation?

The costs for repatriation can include charges for paperwork, transportation, and sometimes embalming or cremation. The total cost depends on factors like the distance for transportation, the type of service chosen, and any specific requirements from the destination country. If you would like to find out more around the cost plead enquire here.

Can you handle repatriations from any country?

Yes, we can handle repatriations from a wide range of countries across multiple continents. This includes Eastern Asia, Southern Asia, Australia & Oceania, New Zealand, the African Continent, Europe, and both North & South Americas. Our network and expertise allow us to navigate the complexities of international repatriation from these regions, ensuring a respectful and efficient process regardless of the location.

Are there cultural or religious considerations during repatriation?

Yes, cultural and religious considerations are very important in the repatriation process. Different cultures and religions have unique customs and practices, especially regarding the handling and transport of remains. We are committed to respecting these traditions and ensure that all aspects of our service are sensitive to your specific cultural and religious needs. This includes following any special rituals, handling requirements, or other preferences during the repatriation process.

What happens if there are complications during the repatriation process?

If complications arise during the repatriation process, such as delays or issues with paperwork, we take immediate action to resolve them. Our team is experienced in handling unexpected situations and works closely with authorities and relevant parties to find solutions. We keep you informed at every step and do everything we can to minimise delays or disruptions. Our priority is to manage these challenges effectively to ensure the repatriation process is completed as smoothly as possible.

How do I start the repatriation process?

You can start the repatriation process by enquiring with us here. Once you have left an enquiry, one of our friendly staff will contact you to discuss the process further.


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