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Repatriation Services Across Australia & Oceania

Starting at $3,300*


Having over 20 years of expertise in the repatriation field, notably to the European continent, we extend our services throughout Australia, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and other Oceania territories. Our dedicated specialists ensure each necessary step, from hospital transfers to international transportation, is executed with meticulous attention to detail and efficiency. Trust in our commitment to deliver the highest standard of service, reflecting care and respect.

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* It’s essential to understand that prices can fluctuate based on various elements like flight choices, airlines, weight, destination specifics, and more. For a precise and comprehensive quote, considering all potential costs, we recommend reaching out to our seasoned consultants.


You can always rest assured our specialists will lodge and provide the needed documents.


We are repatriation specialists and have been providing repatriation services for over 20 years to Oceania.


We book all cargo flights and can also book corresponding passenger flights for family members.


We ensure all statutory permits and consulate documents are issued to meet the destination country requirements.

Commitment to deliver the highest standard of service.

Trust in our commitment to deliver the highest standard of service, reflecting care and respect.

Included Services:

Efficient Transfer

We facilitate transfers from Sydney hospitals or the coroner’s office.

Specialised Embalming

Our team delivers full embalming services tailored to each individual.

Dignified Attire

Dressing services, inclusive of cultural-specific outfits, are available.

Paperwork Handling

From death registrations to the provision of certificates, we manage all required documentation.

Dignified Rest

We offer a fully lined, refined coffin for the journey.
Additional Services:

Necessary Permissions

We ensure acquisition of health department permits.

Safety Protocols

Implementation of full bio sealing ensures safety and respect.

Official Documentation

We ensure necessary permits and documents meet destination requirements.

Logistics & Shipping

Coordination with logistic professionals, freight and cargo handling, is part of our service package.

Directorial Contact

We facilitate communication with funeral directors for a smoother process.


Please complete the form with any questions, and we will respond as quickly as possible. Our team is here to assist you with your enquiry.

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Please note: we offer a 24 hour phone line service.

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