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Southern Asia Funeral Repatriation

Starting at $6,600*


The journey of repatriating a loved one after their passing is filled with complexities. Here at Global Repatriations, our mission is to offer expertise, guidance, and heartfelt care during these trying times. With a focus on repatriation services to Southern Asia, our inclusive package is available from a starting price of $6,600*.

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* It’s important to note that the pricing can fluctuate based on factors such as airline preferences, flight routes, weight, and specific destinations. To get a precise quote inclusive of all associated charges, we encourage a conversation with our knowledgeable consultants.


You can always rest assured our specialists will lodge and provide the needed documents.


We are repatriation specialists and have been providing repatriation services for over 20 years to Southern Asia (India, Nepal, Sri Lanka)


We book all cargo flights and can also book corresponding passenger flights for family members.


We ensure all statutory permits and consulate documents are issued to meet the destination country requirements.

Reasons to entrust your Southern Asia repatriation to us:

Global Repatriations is devoted to delivering a broad range of services that streamline the repatriation process. Our specialised offerings comprise:

Swift Relocations

We ensure respectful and safe transfers to or from Southern Asia.

Embalming Expertise

Our seasoned team handles embalming with precision and care.

Cultural Sensitivities

Our dressing services cater to cultural traditions, respecting diverse customs.

Essential Paperwork

From death registrations to the provision of necessary certificates and translations, we’ve got it covered.

Superior Standards

We provide a high-quality, fully lined coffin for a dignified journey.

Required Authorisations

Our team manages the acquisition of health permits, consulate documents, registrations, and DFAT verifications.

Safety Protocols

With bio sealing techniques, we prioritise safety and reverence.

Shipping & Coordination

Liaising with freight partners and global funeral directors, we ensure a smooth transition.


Please complete the form with any questions, and we will respond as quickly as possible. Our team is here to assist you with your enquiry.

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